Wishlist: Warmer days


As the days get warmer I am already dreaming of swimwear, soft layering and bare legs. Can you tell what my favourite season is.

Some classic pieces and even some trans-seasonal ones on my wish list.

From left: Shakuhachi Foam flare skirt dress, Rails Carmen Shirt, Windsor Smith Bondi Sandals, Zimmermann Georgia Bonded Halter Bikini, Ruby Cabazon Mini

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Model Muse: Zippora Seven

model-maison-_zippora_seven_1 model-maison-_zippora_seven_2 model-maison-_zippora_seven_3 model-maison-_zippora_seven_4 model-maison-_zippora_seven_5 model-maison-_zippora_seven_6 model-maison-_zippora_seven_7 model-maison-_zippora_seven_8 model-maison-_zippora_seven_9 model-maison-_zippora_seven_10 model-maison-_zippora_seven_11 model-maison-_zippora_seven_12

Zippora Seven X Model Maison Shot by Cybele Malinowski.

We love supporting Kiwi models and as soon as I saw one of my favourites Zippora Seven shot for Oyster Magazine I new I would have to share.

Shot in her own home (at current) in Bondi by Cybele Malinowski for Model Maison. Dressed in her own clothing and in her natural environment Zippy never fails to impress.

Also of note the incredible photographer Cybele Malinowski shoots models in their homes for her site Model Maison to feed our facination. It is beautifully done and well worth a look. Check it out here.

Fresh Face: Natalie Cantell

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How incredible does this multi talented Kiwi look. Natalie Cantell is a Model, fashion editor, recreational yogi (LOVE) and would be musician.  I recently saw her featured on Witchery blog showing off the latest Winter looks (amazing, definitely have a look). Originally from the City of Sails, Auckland she now spends her time between Sydney, New York and the South of France. It was her platinum blonde locks and natural style that captivated my attention. Natalie is one to watch!

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A touch of lace



This has to be my  favourite look I go back to time and time again. One baggy boyfriend singlet and one lacy soft cup. The combination of androgynous with a peak of feminine is what does it for me.

My favourite singlet for this look is from General Pants (mine is worn to death, think I will be stocking up on a few soon). As for the negligee you can’t go wrong with Lonely Lingerie, there are many I adore (colours are incredible) Anouk underwire bra, Sabel two strap bra, Stella McCartney Clara Whispering underwire bra, Elle Macpherson For You underwire bra.

What are your thoughts on showing a peak of lace?

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Zambesi AW 14

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I think this has to be my all time favourite New Zealand campaign. The prints, the shapes, the leather and that bob!

Georgia Fowler looks incredible with that bob.



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Dreamy shoes: Katherine Wilson

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 2.56.10 pm

I have been dreaming about these shoes ever since I saw them on fashion Illustrator Kelly Thompson instagram. Gold tipped and all. This Kiwi designer Katherine Wilson knows what we want.

Katherine Wilson

A little bit of “Dirty Magic”



The stunning Stolen Girlriends Club AW 2014 campaign. Loving that shaggy chevron knit up top.

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Seon by Lonely Hearts


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I am in awe of this undone perfection that is Lonely Hearts Seon. The new range is captured with beautiful soft and real styling.

You can’t get better than natural light especially that of a bedroom window. Loving the bright colours, cutouts and that lace.

Lonely Hearts

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Greer Rose



Check out this new talent. Greer Rose from Christchurch. Always good to find new Kiwi talent.

Greer Rose

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Karen Walker & Ethical Fashion Initiative

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The latest capping for Karen Walker Eyewear featuring some rather special people. Karen Walker has teamed up with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to help bring business to Africa. Her latest range not only features Sunglass cases made by micro-artisans of  Africa, she has also used them in the campaign. They include machinists, cutters, tailors, production managers and metal workers as well as members of the Maasai group who create the more elaborate beading work.

Absolutely stunning campaign.

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