Wishlist: Warmer days


As the days get warmer I am already dreaming of swimwear, soft layering and bare legs. Can you tell what my favourite season is.

Some classic pieces and even some trans-seasonal ones on my wish list.

From left: Shakuhachi Foam flare skirt dress, Rails Carmen Shirt, Windsor Smith Bondi Sandals, Zimmermann Georgia Bonded Halter Bikini, Ruby Cabazon Mini

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On my list


Scanlan Theodore  Crepe Knit Ombre Knit, Stolen Girlfriends Club Moonbean Sunglasses, Frame Denim Runyon CanonZimmerman Roamer Halter Dress, Rablabs Lumino Gilded Coasters, Alexander Wang Chunky Knit, Tony Bianco Fayme Mules

I know it is well and truly Winter but I couldn’t help but add that lovely Zimmerman number. You could wear it in Winter layered up at night could you.

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Which one? Plain or leopard Tony Bianco


Ahh to hard to choose. Sneakers, runners, slides, espadrilles (any kind of flat casual shoe for that matter seems to be having its moment right now). The lasted one that I am obsessing over is the Tony Bianco Rule Sneaker. There are two rather similar but oh so different versions which I can’t choose from. The plain black leather and the black leather with leopard. This is when my love for leopard interferes with my logic. Being that the plain leather version will go with more  (of course) but I can’t help but love the leather and leopard version. Just that little hint of leopard. I could hide it right, therefore getting a two in one combo with the leopard version. What one would you pick?

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A touch of lace



This has to be my  favourite look I go back to time and time again. One baggy boyfriend singlet and one lacy soft cup. The combination of androgynous with a peak of feminine is what does it for me.

My favourite singlet for this look is from General Pants (mine is worn to death, think I will be stocking up on a few soon). As for the negligee you can’t go wrong with Lonely Lingerie, there are many I adore (colours are incredible) Anouk underwire bra, Sabel two strap bra, Stella McCartney Clara Whispering underwire bra, Elle Macpherson For You underwire bra.

What are your thoughts on showing a peak of lace?

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Russh & lacy lingerie



My morning catching up with Russh magazine. Loving my new Obsidian bra.

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