Tornn is fashion, beauty and lifestyle, fused together through seemingly innate passions for everything of which it consists. A self-confessional and overtly-obsessional diary of sorts; far too insignificantly-significant not to share.

We – Anna and Bec – go weak-at-the-knees for iconic trends, unique individual expressions through fashion and beauty, culture, art, photography and for our dreams of epic travel.

We also share our ‘roots’, which steam from southern New Zealand, in the shaky – yet still undeniably stunning – Christchurch/Canterbury. Our thoughts are with everyone back home still living on shaky grounds – quite literally. Kia Kaha Christchurch X

Through Tornn we hope to share, express and engage in the wonderful world that is fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We believe communication is very much, indeed, the key. So feel perfectly free to continue dialogue whenever you may wish.

Style, as with beauty, is perceptual and there are no right or wrong answers; blogging has broken down many of the hierarchical barriers which limit those less powerful. We feel blessed to live in a time were such free expression is so easily achievable.

Enjoy xo


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