Model Muse: Zippora Seven

model-maison-_zippora_seven_1 model-maison-_zippora_seven_2 model-maison-_zippora_seven_3 model-maison-_zippora_seven_4 model-maison-_zippora_seven_5 model-maison-_zippora_seven_6 model-maison-_zippora_seven_7 model-maison-_zippora_seven_8 model-maison-_zippora_seven_9 model-maison-_zippora_seven_10 model-maison-_zippora_seven_11 model-maison-_zippora_seven_12

Zippora Seven X Model Maison Shot by Cybele Malinowski.

We love supporting Kiwi models and as soon as I saw one of my favourites Zippora Seven shot for Oyster Magazine I new I would have to share.

Shot in her own home (at current) in Bondi by Cybele Malinowski for Model Maison. Dressed in her own clothing and in her natural environment Zippy never fails to impress.

Also of note the incredible photographer Cybele Malinowski shoots models in their homes for her site Model Maison to feed our facination. It is beautifully done and well worth a look. Check it out here.


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