White out: Australian Fashion week

832555-1_l 832839-1_l 954967-1_l 955005-1_l Alice Mccall DL TM

I know, I know white for Summer is almost as cliche as florals for Spring. But when it is reinvented in many different ways by many different designers I must say it does not come across as cliche. White was seen everywhere at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in Sydney almost a month ago (I know this post is a bit late) As we farewell to the last of our Summer, it is well and truly Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere I can’t help but plan my Summer wardrobe and yes it is going to involve a lot of white. It may not be the most practical colour out there but there is something refreshing about an all white look. Some of the designers highlighting this trend for the eventually coming Summer were Toni Maticeviski, Alex Perry, Alice McCall, Dion Lee, Ellery and Ginger and Smart.

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