Hue of Choice: Fashion Week

1947504_10152079772547562_1679888387_n Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-07-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-16-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day2-07-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day2-28-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day3-04-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day3-05-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day3-11-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-07-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-09-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-12-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-13-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-14-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-17-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-24-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day5-08-md Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day5-17-md Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day5-27-md Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day6-15-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day7-01-sm Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day7-02-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day7-08-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day7-09-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day7-12-lg streetstyle_jessiebush_lfw6.jpg~original


We all saw the many shades of pink take off as a staple Winter coat and many other necessities. As of late the trend has seemingly developed into a multitude of different bright hues of orange, navy (not unusual), emerald and of course the beloved pink. I am favouring the bright orange as someone who is definitely not a fan of the typical shades or prints for certain seasons (dark for Winter and bright floral prints for Spring). It is very refreshing to have it mixed up . This would definitely brighten my mood on a gloomy Winters day. Although it is always essential to have a variety of neutral coats (I have many black, navy and grey and also looking to add a caramel to my collection) a statement coat like one of the many here would be so easy to throw on a classic Winters outfit.

Images from We the People and Harpers Bazaar

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