Bubblegum pink: Yay or Nay











It keeps popping up every where. From pink hues as hair colours to bold coats this seems to be a grand which keeps on growing.

I tend to prefer a slightly stronger pink as paler versions seem to wash away but some of these are growing on me. I wouldn’t and mostly likely couldn’t have pink hair so that is out.

But I love a pink lip and the pink coats keep staring at me. It would be nice to mix it up and have a paler typically spring colour for Winter (well next Winter, it is Summer in the Southern hemisphere).

I get tired of the typecast colours and prints for each season. They are very rarely escaped.

If the idea of wearing bubblegum pink scares you I do recommend at least trying the shade on your lip. And the matte looks even better.

Images from : We The People, Camille Over The Rainbow, Tumblr, Pinterest

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