MBFWA : Flirty skirts

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MBFW Australia was as usual incredible. So many unique designers with their take on the next season.  One trend (I hate the term trend) that I was in awe of was the flirty skirt. Alex Perry and Toni Maticevski both created stunning skirts with elements of flirt added to them. Toni Maticevski had more of an elegant modern silhoette where as Alex Perry had his take of the peplum mini skirt (seen popping up on the street scene as well). I have to say I love the fresh take of Toni Maticevski but adore the white lace Alex Perry. I will be adding this style to my collection for Summer. a x

Which one? Plain or leopard Tony Bianco


Ahh to hard to choose. Sneakers, runners, slides, espadrilles (any kind of flat casual shoe for that matter seems to be having its moment right now). The lasted one that I am obsessing over is the Tony Bianco Rule Sneaker. There are two rather similar but oh so different versions which I can’t choose from. The plain black leather and the black leather with leopard. This is when my love for leopard interferes with my logic. Being that the plain leather version will go with more  (of course) but I can’t help but love the leather and leopard version. Just that little hint of leopard. I could hide it right, therefore getting a two in one combo with the leopard version. What one would you pick?

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Fresh Face: Natalie Cantell

7341 7342 7345  7347  CC_2014_0107-950x633 Image-7-533x800 IMG_1282 MBFWA-2013-Streetstyle-Natalie-Cantell-001 natalie_cantell_witchery-5 natalie-cantell Natalie+Cantell+Front+Row+Delpozo+7CsMdJ2t5x3l  Natalie+Cantell+MBFWA+Street+Style+Day+3+M8BhivlRcDxl SetHeight400-Natalie-Cantell-Mar2013-26 shot_8_734 SS-nataliecantell


How incredible does this multi talented Kiwi look. Natalie Cantell is a Model, fashion editor, recreational yogi (LOVE) and would be musician.  I recently saw her featured on Witchery blog showing off the latest Winter looks (amazing, definitely have a look). Originally from the City of Sails, Auckland she now spends her time between Sydney, New York and the South of France. It was her platinum blonde locks and natural style that captivated my attention. Natalie is one to watch!

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Fresh living

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There is something therapeutic and rewarding about heading to the famers market to get your weeks supplies. Much more satisfying then just popping down to your local supermarket. For one you actually know where your fruit and vege are come from and two, well you cannot be the vibe of a market. The sellers are so passionate about their products you can’t help but feel you are getting the best of the best (and quite often it is markets where the best olive oils and cheese businesses start).

Who is with me here? What are some of your favourite markets or local products?

Images from Maja Wyh

a x

A touch of lace



This has to be my  favourite look I go back to time and time again. One baggy boyfriend singlet and one lacy soft cup. The combination of androgynous with a peak of feminine is what does it for me.

My favourite singlet for this look is from General Pants (mine is worn to death, think I will be stocking up on a few soon). As for the negligee you can’t go wrong with Lonely Lingerie, there are many I adore (colours are incredible) Anouk underwire bra, Sabel two strap bra, Stella McCartney Clara Whispering underwire bra, Elle Macpherson For You underwire bra.

What are your thoughts on showing a peak of lace?

a x

Inspire me today: Ultimate transseasonal dressing

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Since every second day we seem to be swapping between the climate of a typical Summer and then back to Winter again I thought it would be fitting to share this weeks inspiration. Mixed between the two like the days in the southern hemisphere recently, here is some of my recent loves showcasing the best of both seasons. So until the weather makes up its mind I will continue to alternate between the two.

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Style Icons: who inspires you?

We’ve all looked towards celebrities for inspiration. Whether it’s to learn the secrets of their perfect bodies, flawless skin or superior hairstyles, we’ve all turned our attention to fashion icons to learn how to inject a little glamour into our live.

But who is the biggest fashion icon of past and present?

 Kate Moss

An icon that’s still going strong, Kate Moss has given the world many an innovative style.


Image courtesy of fashionweeknews.com:http://www.fashionweeknews.com/2007/05/06/debut-of-kate-moss-new-clothing-line-at-top-shop/


Whether she’s striking a classic pose …

Image courtesy of thefashionvisionboardgirl.blogpsot.co.uk:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_cUUN9QbRSmY/TAq2BhiuMDI/AAAAAAAAAbQ/5SXJ3xclPjg/s640/Kate_Moss_print.jpg

… or mixing things up with mesh


Image courtesy of instyle.co.uyk:http://www.instyle.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/article_landscape_600_wide/public/13/11/kate-moss-nritish-fashion-awards-main.jpg?itok=VOA9epbf

Kate knows how to work outfits to her advantage. She’s also very versatile, teaching wave after wave of women how tornlife04

to dress for formal events …

Image courtesy of daybydayforyou.blogspot.com: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/–NjZym7fin8/USKHiC7PcbI/AAAAAAAAAbQ/9KaymW2f8sc/s1600/Lets+party+ii.jpg


… or how to look good every day.

Image courtesy of uptownurban.com:http://uptownurban.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/blogs_newsshoes_katemoss_jul30.jpg?w=812

Lady Gaga

A modern name with overtly modern tastes, Lady Gaga has become known for outlandish styles that stun, shock and amaze.


Image courtesy of Elle.com: http://www.elle.com/cm/elle/images/Dy/Bold-Color-1.jpg

The secret to Gaga’s style is that nothing is off limits and every component of her outfits get a makeover. From shoes to jewellery and hats to masks, Gaga reminds us that fashion is about pushing boundaries, not operating within them.


Image courtesy of collegefashion.net: http://cloud3.collegefashion.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Lady-Gaga-600×375.jpg

Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton

Famous models, actresses and singers aren’t the only fashion icons that influence our decisions. You’ll also find First Lady’s and Princesses handing down a few pearls of wisdom.

Michelle Obama is an obvious choice. She’s been named one of the top ten fashion icons by Stlye.com and it’s easy to see why.


Image courtesy of Elle.com:http://www.elle.com/cm/elle/images/Kt/6a00d834527a7669e2011570947e3a970c-800wi

One of Michelle’s best fashion features is her versatility. From casual to formal, she takes it all in her stride.


Image courtesy of Elle.com:http://www.elle.com/cm/elle/images/dL/6a00d834527a7669e201157189b4bd970b-800wi

British star Kate Middleton is no different.


Image courtesy of collegefashion.net: http://cloud4.collegefashion.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Fresh-Fashion-Icon-Kate-Middleton.jpg

Her classic British charm takes influence from numerous styles and always manages to look demure, sophisticated and completely beautiful.


Image courtesy of collegefashion.net: http://cloud2.collegefashion.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Kate-Middleton-Looks.jpg

These are some of the most popular and most talked about style icons for many different reasons with very different styles. My personal favourite would definitely be Kate Moss. Her ease for style always appeals.

Follow in the footsteps of these style icons by getting your hands on some of the top trends from their classic looks. You can manage your spending by using an American Express credit card if necessary.

Tornn x