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Scanlan Theodore  Crepe Knit Ombre Knit, Stolen Girlfriends Club Moonbean Sunglasses, Frame Denim Runyon CanonZimmerman Roamer Halter Dress, Rablabs Lumino Gilded Coasters, Alexander Wang Chunky Knit, Tony Bianco Fayme Mules

I know it is well and truly Winter but I couldn’t help but add that lovely Zimmerman number. You could wear it in Winter layered up at night could you.

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Blogger love: C-2-B Courtney Boehm

7 outfit-13 Screen-shot-2014-05-25-at-4.18.35-PM Screen-shot-2014-05-25-at-4.19.33-PM TORN INTERVIEW


If you haven’t come across Courtney Boehm’s stunning blog- c-2-b you are missing out. This babe is based in our(Christchurch) sister city of Adelaide. An natural modern style with edge. We recently got in touch with Courtney for a quick chat and to see what she is up to.

To see more check out her blog!

c-2-b blog


Designer Spotlight: Ryan Storer


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He is the man that started the ear cuff craze (you would of seen the stunning ear cuffs on many of bloggers), not complaining at all I love any designer with a unique point of view and he sure has a different take on ear jewellery than most. His pieces are timeless and they come in stunning packaging which seems to show how to wear some of his more complicated pieces. What captured my attention was the stunning campaign featuring pearls (I am normally not a fan of pearls at all) in a range more than just ear cuffs, think chocker/necklace. It is fresh, edgy and new.


Check him out here.